Remember! the conversation we had? I clearly remember,
It was raining that night.
I asked if it was her that you chose, You stuttered
On your face i saw fright
I did not want to fight, i pushed you away
you grabbed me, then held me tight.

I felt like being swallowed by the earth under my feet,
You lifted my chin, looked into my eyes
God! you smelt so sweet
Slowly you whispered, you all i will ever need
i got lost in that eyes, for a second all the rage did subside

I then remembered that this happened before, I remember the lies
i felt this saddened emotion, from my soul it arise
The truth you telling me, a masquerade,
It's always in disguise.

Tears and anger cloaks me, like the dark in absence of light
i pull myself lose from your lifeless grip,
This just doesn't feel right, you not even holding me tight

I'm looking at this stranger standing in front of me
Unrecognizable, he starts to slowly speak
shut up! shut up!
all you do is lie, i gave you my heart,
Please! I don't want to cry

Is she worth it? I will die for you! look how i cry for you?
All the promises you made, This was all lies too
You ripped out my heart, stomped on it with your shoe
Do hear what i'm saying? You broke me in two

I'm sorry, is this all you can muster?
I gave you my life, my soul, What about her!?
What did she ever do!? to ever deserve you
did she stick to you when you were down, i thought our love was like glue

I guess this was a lie also, this also wasn't true

As you turn to leave,
emotions a sunder, you din't look back
tears my companion, I fall to my knees.

betrayal, for me is worst than hate,
it causes hate, it opens that one place
you never want to visit, locked in your hearts space
the one you carry on your face

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