A king there was once
Who lorded it over his people
And made his wish
The people's command;

Their rights he trampled
Upon and made it a decree
That none opposed him
In any way or anywhere, the people
He made fauning slaves
That fed from his hand like pigeons
In their own land and brooked
All opposition to his royalty;

Some he sent to graves untimely
Others he made to rot in the dungeon
Some others wore heavy iron chains
He put on their feet like bangles
For none to raise dissenting voices
He put gags on their mouths,

Till one fateful day
The king had to address visitors
And his people in pomp and pageantry
Not knowing he had excreta
On his royal robes and none could tell
Him though all was aware of the ignominy
He was the all knowing supreme king
And none dared to correct His Majesty;

And so the king went about
In ignominy, a thing of mockery
Before the very people he claimed to dominate
Just because the king was above everyone else
And knew everything
And none could correct him
Because he was the all knowing supreme king.