All Roads That Lead To God Are Good Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


All roads that lead to God are goodA
What matters it your faith or mineB
Both centre at the goal divineB
Of love's eternal BrotherhoodA
The kindly life in house or streetC
The life of prayer and mystic riteD
The student's search for truth and lightD
These paths at one great Junction meetC
Before the oldest book was writE
Full many a prehistoric soulF
Arrived at this unchanging goalF
Through changeless Love that leads to itE
What matters that one found his ChristG
In rising sun or burning fireH
If faith within him did not tireH
His longing for the Truth sufficedG
Before our modern hell was broughtI
To edify the modern worldJ
Full many a hate filled soul was hurledJ
In lakes of fire by its own thoughtI
A thousand creeds have come and goneK
But what is that to you or meL
Creeds are but branches of a treeL
The root of love lives on and onM
Though branch by branch proves withered woodA
The root is warm with precious wineB
Then keep your faith and leave me mineB
All roads that lead to God are goodA

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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