It would be so tasking,
A cost of a living so challenging,
Experiences in high frustrations;
Down to the political interventions;
In getting luxuries and balance;
In the absent of me for instance;

In the earth I'm God,
That is what I'm called,
I'm not rich but I make rich;
To those that becomes my bridge;
Excess of me makes no one a devil;
But my lovers; the root of evil.

To those that becomes my purse;
Is the only greed I pause,
It's only at the bridge I'm forced;
Flows of blessing by my source,
I'm just the means of exchange,
Hence; when I'm hoard I'm caged.

I'm not reached by pursue;
I'm to pursue those that due,
I'm to either make or destroy,
My precept lies my joy,
Money can't buy me;
Get that which is greater than me.