Instead of facing my heart winner's horror
I would rather prefer acting like a warrior
Defensively to all the imposed attractions
From useless friends' body languages

I know I'd be so jealous
Knowing I'm a bit nervous
Losing my uncommon priceless gift
Specially like you that I experience my shift

I may serve as a hindrance
To some of your movements
Knowing my end comes at your life end
How wish you would feel the pain

Still I'll always speak out
The moment I feel you're wrong
Than keeping silent when I know I'm not strong
You should know what my heart is... fragile and always where my treasure is
Why I would be so mad at you
The very moment thing changes in you
Knowing I still want you back

Isn't my wish to deny you my body
I could be exhausted by sickness or stress
I may be called the wicked one for your sake
Yes, truly it's because I have weakness

I'm not perfect like Mr unknown
I keep fighting everyday for my very own
In boldness for our wholeness
Plsease understand me to the fullest