Hi dear heart desire,
My intention is that which won't expire,
Craving your indulgence to let me in;
Which would easily minimize my sin.

If Loving you is a crime,
Then have me jail in your heart prime.
Please spare me not your rhythm rhymes,
Harmonically, sing heartily sometimes.

If I'm overwhelmed with compassion
Over what refreshes my passion,
Then let it be like thousands of ocean
Drowning me without nothing to lean.

I'd consider nothing impossible
Having desire makes me responsible,
Though it may seem terrible;
But I won't take it for trouble.

Come turn my morning dew,
My kind of class may be very few,
Even when you feel I don't suit you,
Just keep the echo 'love-you/">I Love you'

Being alone
Won't grant me my throne;
Most significant confining in you to be
The one that'd grow this person in me.