Troubles Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Troubles Sure I've lots of themA
Got 'em heaped up by the scoreB
Got 'em baled and bundled upC
Got 'em hid behind the doorB
Got 'em young and got 'em oldD
Got 'em big and little tooE
Don't care to discuss 'em nowF
Rather tell my joys to youE
Got the finest home there isG
Got the finest pair o' boysH
An' the sweetest little girlI
Reg'lar livin' breathin' joysH
Got the finest wife in townJ
Got a little garden tooE
Troubles Sure I've got 'em butK
Rather tell my joys to youE
Got a bunch of friends I loveL
Friends I know are staunch and trueE
Visit 'em they visit meM
Jus' the way good friends should doE
Got my health an' got a jobN
That's enough to see me throughE
Troubles Sure I've got 'em butK
Rather tell my joys to youE

Edgar Albert Guest


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