To The Failures Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


YOURS is the loser's part to playA
For you the goal is far awayA
And never to be gainedB
It is your lot to stand and seeC
The golden apples on life's treeC
By some one else attainedB
To view with yearning in your eyesD
Another grasp the precious prizeD
It is for you to wade through fireE
To feel the burning of desireE
And want unsatisfiedF
And from the sleepless hours of nightG
You rise at morn once more to fightG
With victory deniedF
Spurred on by hope that never diesD
You struggle ever toward the prizeD
A failure Yes as glory goesH
Yet braver in the end than thoseH
Who life's great battles winI
For you return at break of dayA
With courage to renew the frayA
And with a lifted chinI
You strive once more to reach the goalJ
And ground your bark upon a shoalJ
But when earth's story shall be toldK
And God's great purpose we beholdK
With eyes new born to seeC
When we have passed beyond the paleJ
Of earth and torn aside the veilJ
Of death's great mysteryC
As souls victorious you'll standL
And God's great prizes you'll commandL

Edgar Albert Guest


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