Mother's Job Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


ke a kiteA
Or wrestle on the floor and playB
Those rough and tumble games but sayB
Just let him get an ache or painC
And start to whimper and complainC
And from my side he'll quickly fleeD
To clamber on his mother's kneeD
I'm good enough to be his horseE
And race with him along the courseE
I'm just the friend he wants each timeF
There is a tree he'd like to climbF
And I'm the pal he's eager forG
When we approach a candy storeG
But for his mother straight he makesH
Whene'er his little stomach achesH
He likes when he is feeling wellI
The kind of stories that I tellI
And I'm his comrade and his chumJ
And I must march behind his drumJ
To me through thick and thin he'll stickK
Unless he happens to be sickK
In which event with me he's throughL
Only his mother then will doL

Edgar Albert Guest


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