Love Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: ABBC DD EE FF GG HHH

Truth went forth on a search one dayB
I For the source of love that he might sayB
He had found its depth and its breadth for ayeC
He met a miser bent and oldD
And his mission to him he promptly toldD
'Love ' said the miser 'is yellow gold '-
He sought a maiden young and fairE
With orange blossoms in her hairE
Who whispered 'My love is waiting there '-
To a struggling youth at last Truth cameF
As he toiled and studied and spoke his nameF
'Love ' said the youth 'is a thing called fame '-
'Love ' mocked a man with features sourG
Before whom others were made to cowerG
'Love yes love is worldly power '-
A pale weak woman Truth chanced to seeH
Rocking a baby on her kneeH
'Only a mother knows love ' said sheH

Edgar Albert Guest


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Yogi kannan: Truth on a search
To define ' love ',
Knocking from door
To door for its depth,
For a few It's gold ,
Waiting for the other,
Fame for some, but
Maternal instincts
Define what is Love..
Thoughtful poem....
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