If Only I Were Santa Claus Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


If only I were Santa Claus and you were still a boyA
I'd find the chimney to your heart and fill it full of joyA
On Christmas Eve when all was still and you were fast asleepB
Much like your Santa Claus of old unto your bed I'd creepB
And in the pack upon my back all shining bright and newC
I would have gathered everything to help and comfort youC
I'd tiptoe round about your life as Santa round a bedD
Until with happiness and peace I knew your path was spreadD
Were there a single line of care upon your kindly faceE
I'd find the cause that marked it there and banish every traceE
I'd fill your breast with songs of love your face I'd deck with smilesF
And roses red should mark your path for miles and miles and milesF
And as I looked into your heart while you so soundly sleptG
I'd find the hidden closet where your dearest hopes are keptG
The sacred dreams of long ago the deeds you hoped to doC
And one and all before I left I'd realise for youC
No tawdry gift of tinsel cheap would ever I bestowH
With joy your eyes should wake to smile with health your cheeks should glowH
I'd search the corners of your heart where all your griefs are storedI
And in the morning bright you'd find that on them I had pouredI
The oil of consolation sweet and changed their stings to beJ
The hallowed and the precious calm of sainted memoryJ
I'd make of you a happy friend I'd robe you with contentK
I'd strew your counterpane with joys that night before I wentK
And if I found a burden great that you are forced to bearL
I'd leave the courage in your heart for you to do and dareL
I'd give you strength for every deed I'd steal away your fearM
I'd make you brave and bold and strong throughout the coming yearM
And you should win the goal you seek and finer goals should gainN
Nor ever lose one joy you have but all that's good retainN
I'd leave no dream unrealized no prize you couldn't getO
And in my pack I'd take away from you each vain regretO
No war should rob you of your peace no selfish hate should marP
The paths of life that you must tread although you wander farP
About you always there would be your loved ones smiling brightQ
And every hour would bring to you some new and rich delightQ
I'd fix things so whatever comes you'd have no cause to sighR
Above you always there would be a clear and smiling skyR
If only I were Santa Claus and you were still a boyA
I'd find the chimney to your heart and fill it full of joyA

Edgar Albert Guest


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