-erbert's H'opinion Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


H'if a yankee cutthroat acks is poor hold motherA
H'it tykes a year to pack im h'off to jyleB
E can h'always dig h'up some h'excuse or hotterA
To keep your justice creepin' like a snyleB
But h'in H'England h'if a bloke gets h'into troubleB
To the pen h'in arf a jiffy e will roamC
H'if e mykes a fight is punishment will doubleB
We do things so muc better h'over omeC
H'if a bloomin' Yankee starts to build a dwellingD
E slaps h'it h'up without a bit h'of careE
In arf the time h'it tykes me in the tellingD
E as the chimney pot h'up in the h'airE
But h'in H'England ouses h'always last foreverA
We build em right from cellar to domeC
H'although you bloomin' Yankees think you're cleverA
We do things so much better h'over omeC
Ere h'it's always elter skelter rush and bustleB
H'and h'it's pell mell h'into h'everthing you doF
You h'even teach your children ow to ustleB
Your meals you never tyke the time to chewF
But h'in H'England when h'it's tea time we stop workingD
H'an H'I wish that H'I was back h'across the foamC
H'in my ead the notoin still h'is plynely lurkingD
We do things so much better h'over omeC

Edgar Albert Guest


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