Birthing A Poem Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The fertile mind s a foetusA
Thoughts and experiencesA
Fuel the written words growthB
Conceptualising to give birthC
In mind body and spirit to uniteD
A poem s born and in sightD
Addition to a family of poetryE
The mind unravels mysteryE
Imaginings in a spirit of loveF
Organised in a writing verveG
Birth a poem and give it formH
Growing its body till its termI
To exit and excite the readerJ
Who scans the written matterJ
Appreciating it or being criticalK
A poem is quite transpersonalK

Siva Mahendran
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/13/2022

Poet's note: Dr Siva Mahendran (Honorary Poet of Merit,, USA) - 18/7/21. How a poem is born is really an artistic piece worth mentioning and exploring!


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