Be Enlightened! Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A candle burns brightlyA
Dispels darkness aroundB
Siddartha s senses bloomedC
In the gloom he became BuddhaD
Veiled reality recused shatteredE
Exuding enlightenment eventuallyA
Shining steadily forever haloedE
Worldwide peace struggles stillF
Melancholy thy name s nemesisG
Decimating death revokes peaceH
Man s on a perpetual precipiceI
Gambling grace or a sordid fallJ
Dangling the Chance carrot freelyA
Evil entreats fear sabre rattlingK
Live to learn and learn to liveL
Love life to peacefully co existE
His divinity desired mankind be soM
Yet believers are wantonly warringK
Faithfully following one s own faithN
Even as a free thinker one is tooE
Enlightened existence is possibleO

Siva Mahendran
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/13/2022

Poet's note: Let the Buddha’s teachings be your guide too just as Jesus said “Thy will be done!” Happy Vesak Day 2022


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