Be Enlightened!

A candle burns brightly
Dispels darkness around
Siddartha’s senses bloomed
In the gloom he became Buddha!
Veiled-reality recused, shattered
Exuding enlightenment eventually
Shining steadily forever haloed.

Worldwide peace struggles still
Melancholy thy name’s nemesis
Decimating death revokes peace
Man’s on a perpetual precipice
Gambling grace or a sordid fall
Dangling the Chance-carrot freely
Evil entreats fear sabre-rattling?

Live to learn and learn to live
Love life to peacefully co-exist
His divinity desired mankind be so
Yet believers are wantonly warring
Faithfully following one’s own faith
Even as a free thinker one is too
Enlightened existence is possible!

Siva Mahendran
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/13/2022

Poet's note: Let the Buddha’s teachings be your guide too just as Jesus said “Thy will be done!” Happy Vesak Day 2022
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