Born In A Mess Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Born on the hottest longest dayA
Hosted in rugged rugs of no linenB
To the poorest he pauper of KingstonB
Whose she is dear to the dumpest despairC
Topples and stumbles became my all stepsD
My blessed brightest star of luckE
Makes no single twinkle in the darkest tunnelF
And so my tear blurred eyes see no visionB
A bearly floating ship wreckage is my soulG
It guarantees no rescue to a drowning dogH
Sometimes I feel less and uselessI
A big mess is my life the world my witnessI
Am sealed to a stagnant destiny unlessJ
My doomsayer's heart gets strange softnessI
So she reverses her curses and instead blessJ
I only attract anopheles femalesK
can a sane maiden have a church mouse for a spouseL
To die an unwilling virgin I acceptM
So I can halt my lineage's messJ
And shield my blood from the same messJ

Didier Mamai
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/22/2021

Poet's note: To the world, a casual epitome of heirs born in total poverty.


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