A lunatic she is and lonely
By day
When company comes calling
At night
Where does the madness run?
Where the shame?
Where does your concern for your name hide?

So today you trek along the market streets
Ahead you keep your gaze
For at the arena is her full craze
Your heart hits hossana and holy
Your daytime company signals you
To the sitcom in the arena
"Ah,haumjui huyu wazimu"
Leave her lunacy you cry
A Judahs in your soul stirs
Wasn't she fine last night?

Hurriedly you hush her hiss
In an aside you hope they miss
Hop step and jump you are across
But your guilt gets you the cross

"Hakuna salamu leo sweetie"
She's put on her garment and it's you she's calling
You blink blink and blink
"Ulisahau koti yako nikakuwekea"
Your coat you recall
Amidst a multitude you wish to melt
Like Usain Bolt she is back
Your coat in addition to the belt

You're the spectacle and she the actress

Will you take me home
I'm tired of the market

Judah Iscariot
You or the mad mama!