When erosion comes the way
The weak soil, it swims away
The irony of life bang them till they cum
But for us, we make them bum

Forget the beginning
How fascinating is the ending?
Kpoi! Kpoi! the door shouts at midnight
Such noise would irritate you even in the daylight
The door should be opened by us
But therein, the door opened us
Our eyes, fear and then we shiver
Who will open the door or be a whiner?
Who wants to be beaten, be a victim or be a killer?

Toyin next door killed her hubby
Sister had always urged mum to set us free the same way
As if death could die
As if sorrow could cry
Or as if lies could lie
We cry silently, no one can hear us cry

Mum died because she could not talk
Or heed to the door beckoning on her
How will she talk?
When her words will kill her
If it doesn't, her voice will kill her
If she leaves us and run, an err
For her words is her husband and her voice was her conscience
Then life lost its quintessence.