"Promise me you won't leave me"
Left before me
I will never let you go
Has let go of every memory that could bear me in his mind
Never depart apart, teared me apart
It shall always remain their lyrics

I know that dust fades and man is dust
I know the breezes blows our worries away
And blows in another
I know the sun leaves the sky when its done with it's tales and the moon takes over
I know that words spoken this moment can be lost the next
But I never knew that promises fade too
Because I didn't just let you say it
I let you enwrite it in my heart,
You crossed your heart
You made me think that it was true

But that the crossing you crossed your heart left me nailed to the cross
A cross where your heart has left
Leaving me nailed in darkness
Nailed alone, nailed to die in the fantasy you created

How deep the nail, how intense the pain
I have been trying to write you a poem,
A poem where you can't bargain with my luxury words
A Poem of the faded promises you lighted my heart with.