What do I do when I miss you?
Do I hug my phone like I cuddle your sweats running into my shirts when you lay bare
Just for me to feel the warmth of your voice that do the work of your palms, when your voice emits from the phone?

And when my phone can't kiss me your voice,
Probably because you don't miss me enough to trigger a goose bump with your melody
What do I do? Cause I always miss you
I shut my eyes in misery of my world to fathom the lyrics of your words in my memory gland
Pardon me!
For in that manner, I survive without your voice of life, which gives me a new day.

And when I know I won't see you for a whole day
What do I do?
Do I just clock my hands in ambush for the longing scent of you which I will not perceive ?
;when i go through your love notes ever clouding my phone memory space
And when my phone whispers "not enough space"
I cow it by making enough space in my heart for you and all your notes my love

Fantasies do change my wardrobe too, everyday when I dress for you especially when I know you wouldn't behold my noonday beauty
They tamper with my schedules too, which becomes a neglected wife. Once I noble your name

What do I really do when I miss you
I fold my hands, as well as my being and let our flashbacks caress me, from my bosom to my erogenous zone
And I love you the moment I cease to moan
Because I love you for a living