Totality of what life does with me
What I do with life
And when there is nothing to do,
but to wait till life does something
Defines the world a fate

Back then at school;
We could at some point
predict what life will do with us _ It
would take us to School and bring us back _ It would make us wait for our parents to fill our needs
And for people life didn't carry along,
Life would let us leave them there, and we continued in our daily routine
Defines the world cycle.

There are levels in schooling
If life brings you to the door of varsities, you sit and get versatile
Those who sat where life kept them, understood why life kept them there
But those whose eyes filled the ceilings, won't know what varsites really taught them
In the end, life crowns us all graduates.
And sometimes those that didn't get versatile in the varsities can tend to their needs more than those that did, because life let them, but it doesn't work for everybody so get versatile in the varsities.
Defines the world grace differs.

If life gives you a sit outside varsities, don't think you're worst than anyone
Learn what life kept you there to learn and you can still tend to the needs life let you have.
Because some people that walked into the varsities and came out still walk around life, looking for where to lay hands.

This defines the world vanity.

In the end everyone will one day get tired of walking around life or being pushed around by the hands of fate
Though no one would want to walk out of life
But when you are tired of one thing about life
It defines the world, a tiring one.