Who is Delumozie Sandra Uche

She was born on 20th May, 2002. A Nigerian writer who believes she lives to write. She writes everything, songs, movies, poems and even children's stories. She is from Obosi, Anambra State. An undergraduate of Unizik....
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Delumozie Sandra Uche Poems

  • What Do I Do When I Miss You?
    What do I do when I miss you?
    Do I hug my phone like I cuddle your sweats running into my shirts when you lay bare
    Just for me to feel the warmth of your voice that do the work of your palms, when your voice emits from the phone?
  • Heartrending
    I knew oneday we will lapse but I didn't know it was going to be this soon

    I thought we still had us, I thought we still have some moments of ecstasy
  • A Knock In The Midnight
    When erosion comes the way
    The weak soil, it swims away
    The irony of life bang them till they cum
    But for us, we make them bum ...
  • May We Never Give Up
    I would have loved to write a while ago
    But to let it go, casts a gaze
    What's more void than for a captain that cast anchors to cast adrift
    What's more devastating than to have to leave the field, when the match just began ...
  • Promising Fades
    Never depart apart, your freestyles
    I will never let you go, Song mantra
    It shall always remain your lyrics
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Didier : I love your style. From Kenya
I_am_a_writer: You need a mentor
But you are trying, with a mentor you will bloom
Ezekiel: A young rising great writer, this is what our country needs...young talents
MaryCynthia: She's a budding poet, keep the light shining
Empress : Great budding poet

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