Last night I fell asleep watching the moon from my bedroom window
I imagined that you were watching it too
And for that moment
However small
We were connected

I imagined how many other star crossed lovers ,lost souls and broken hearts were watching that same moon
Wishing that someone else was watching the moon with them.

What if we were thinking the same thing
That the world is so much bigger than we realize, and all over the world billions of people are watching that same moon I am looking at right now
Thinking thoughts that we can't even begin to comprehend

I wondered if I was the only person in the world looking at the moon and for a split second
It was all mine
All the pain and joy
All the love and suffering that people felt when watching the moon
Was all mine.

I thought about all the people not watching the moon
But watching the eyes of their loved one close for the last time
watching the eyes of a new born open for the first time
Or watching the eyes of their lover as they creep into bed for another night of what seemed to feel like forever
But still
forever would never be long enough

I wondered if there was someone out there that was thinking exactly the same thoughts as me and was going through the same struggles as me
But I would never know because we'd never meet in our lifetimes

I thought about the girl who watched the moon and wept because she used to watch it with her dad before he died

I thought about the boy who watched the moon as an escape from his drowning life and his further fall into depression

I thought about the kid that stares at the moon hoping for a change and
wishes that one day she'll be good enough

The luminous light that shines from the moon gives me an uncomfortable comfort
A reminder that there's more to life and that others have struggles too
A reminder of what's really important and a promise of tomorrow