The Bowl Of Contentment Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Oh Africa You have baked me blackA
In the oven of your SaharaB
The attribute of resilienceC
You have quenched my thirstD
In the bowl of your NileE
You have elevated meF
On the pinnacle of KilimanjaroG
Showing me the vastness of your endowmentsH
I'm drowning in the luxuries of your MediterraneanI
I'm lying drunk upon your hornsJ
The remaining bowls of wineK
Meant to chill the heat of corruption within youL
And to heal the scars of bad governanceC
You have fed with contentmentM
And the gratitude of your red soilN
Has filled my basket with grainsO
I know now what you are AfricaB
The happiness that blooms our heartP
A small bird singing on a mango treeF
As visioned by papa Abioseh NicolQ
Africa you are like beads tied around my waistR
Meant to diminish my wants abroadS
Where brothers long to ploughT
Ignorant of the beauty of your soilN
But I will tell themU
I will tell themU
To appreciate the beauty within youL
To summon courage in their leftover mindsV
And revive your dying soilN

Dauda Tholley
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/17/2019


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