Aftermath Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: A B BC

Aftermath A Mathematical Odyssey In the realm of numbers where logic prevails A tale of aftermath my heart unveils Where logarithms dance with point slope's grace And distance formula paints a vibrant space Integers steadfast in their whole embrace Guide us through ratios a numerical chase Pie formula a sweet delight to savor Unveils the secrets of a circular flavor Inequalities a world of balance and strife Equations a language that breathes in life Algebraic expressions like whispers in the air Unravel mysteries with precision and care Mean a measure of a collective's heart Mediation a bridge when conflicts start Range a spectrum of values untold Quadratic functions tales of parabolas unfold Binomials a duo in mathematical flight Trinomials a trio that shines so bright Pythagorean theorem a triangle's embrace Unveils the harmony of angles and space Scientific notation a language of the stars Calculates the vastness of Jupiter and Mars And in the realm of calculus where limits reside We explore the infinite with passion as our guide In the aftermath of numbers a symphony is born Where logic and beauty intertwine and adorn Each concept a brushstroke on a canvas so vast Creating a masterpiece that will forever last But amidst the equations and theorems so grand There lies a deeper truth a truth that expands For mathematics is not just numbers and rules It's a language of discovery where wisdom fuels In the aftermath of learning we find our way Through the labyrinth of numbers day by day With each concept mastered a new door opens wide Revealing the wonders that math can provide So let us embrace the aftermath of this quest For in the world of numbers we are truly blessed To explore the depths of logic and reason And uncover the beauty of this mathematical season In the aftermath let us stand tall and proud For we have conquered the challenges we have vowed To unlock the secrets that numbers hold dear And in doing so let our hearts be filled with cheer For in the aftermath of this mathematical tale We find not just answers but a love that will prevail A love for the beauty that numbers can bring And the infinite possibilities they can sing So let us celebrate the aftermath of this rhyme A tribute to the world of numbers so sublime For in their embrace we find solace and grace And in their language we find our rightful placeA
Authorship by Mr Dashaun Rashod SnipesB
Mr Dashaun Rashod SnipesB

Dashaun Snipes
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/18/2024


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