How do we live with the constant fear within?
Our minds can't think properly,
We stutter when we speak,
Our future looks bleak,
We are becoming weak.

We can't see the future,
Our pasts reminds us of our failures,
Memories floods our minds,
Our image lost in oblivion,
We can't imagine a new horizon.

Our feets tremble,
There's no help in sight,
We've forgotten what it feels like,
To overcome our battles,
To wage war with the fear that resides within.

Stand up soldier!
Your enemies are closing in,
The wars are raging,
Do a dance with courage,
Hold on tight to bravery,
You are close to your win.

The past only haunts what they see,
Look into your future what do you see?
This rhythm you vibe to,
Has creeped in with lies,
Face the music it's not all you see.

Look within yourself,
You are stronger than you look,
Believe in your dreams,
Break up with your doubts,
You will overcome.