The air is thick,
As I feel the winds blow on my skin,
It's almost dark,
My saving light seems to have gone back.

The storms are raging,
This unrelentless banging upon my soul,
Screams my name as it tries to get out,
I cowered in fear,
I can feel my bones straining,
I shut the door on him.

The noise is getting louder now,
Defeat lurks in the shadows,
Looking for an opportunity to devour,
My armor locked in a tower,
Victory is ready to bow.

Can you hear it?
What is this feeling?
Locked in this dark room,
I hear a voice from the distance,
'I will save you'
I can barely stand,
'Hold on grab my hand'.

All of a sudden...
Like a boom!
Light penetrating through my torn flesh,
My eyes are beginning to see clearly,
Fear is no longer a burden.

Faith that's my name he said'
I am the voice that cries out in defeat,
I am the light that shines In the darkness,
The hope that burns within you,
No one dares utters my name and retreat,
My palace is deep beneath you,
Upon my throne, there Courage sits
Within your very soul there Life breathes.