Love For A Father Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Bring back that love for a fatherA
Why have you substituted the word parents with motherA
Because he spent more time not at homeB
He now seems as if he has no careC
Yet its because he needs to meet your well beingD
You have made it a tradition to devalue the fatherA
Bring back that love for a fatherA
Your are his pillar and strengthE
Yet you hurt him the mostF
He has become a living walking deadG
For he suffer rejection from both cornersH
He is a human like usI
Treated like a robotJ
Please hear my cryK
Bring back that love for a fatherA
The foreman treats him like a wasteL
He comes back home he feels like an outcastM
No one loves him so vulnerable he isN
His eyes tells a lot of storiesO
But then he barely share themP
Becuase no one gives attentionQ
I cry with a ripped heartR
Bring back that love for a fatherA
He really loves your jokeS
He really needs your prayerC
He really needs that someone who looks at him and sayT
''Good days are coming''S
That person is youU
Is you who can show him the bright side of lifeV
But then it can only happenQ
If you accept to bring that love backS
I write with tears todayT
Bring back that love for a fatherA
I say bring back that love for a fatherA

Caution Makura
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 12/24/2020


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