My heart is yours
I know for sure
But not so sure
your heart is mine.
Every moment
Day in and day out
I breathe you in
I breathe you out
To me you are such a lifeline.
Never mind if we are not together
And unable to join each other.
So long as we love and care
It doesn't really matter
It's all just fine.
When you come
And make my little world brighten up
Actually the whole space out there
Between the earth and the sky
Begins to fill itself with sunshine.
Your fragrance then pervades all over
And lures like nothing
But an old wine.
We will not be seeing each other forever you know
But let's not whine
We will unfailingly find each other
Somewhere in a different world in person
Or on a different spectrum online
And then
My dear Valentine
All our pains, sorrows and sufferings will vanish
Or fall in line.