Roll Girl Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Loaded and rolling onA
This can't take you away clownB
Strength build in you will keep lightingC
Even when ninety nine candles are dyingC
God will protect one you can hold a sayD
He's much kind and faithful in natureE
Deep inside you're not weak blenderE
Crushing on and on the challenge senderE
Pushing on and on with more breatheF
Dear one you'll see a million more bathG
The earth is so greed taken all good insaneH
But it won't take the good before our eyes laneH
On every spot we see lifeI
On the other we see a strong girl aliveJ
All smiles along the streets the machineK
Giving the world a broad smile seenK
You can't just be weak strength ain't sinL
Pull up yourself to the brimM
Let the earth know you're ours beamN
And that we won't let your smile fade awayD
On holiday we'll go by the bayD
Windows opening sending away the clownB
On this soil your soul will roll onA
Your prettiness will live on and onA
The children of your children will sing you a songO
And the world will see in you a great beingC
We're just starting it's a Monday andP
The clown is already defeated see the endQ
Pretty see the good in frontR
Girl seen the new being that's heaven sentS
The Angels sing and dance on your breatheF
Happy that the heavens are brightened your bathG
We're happy that you still smiling deepT
You're a being we can't tire to keepT
In our hearts you're warmthU

Brian Dredan
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/27/2019


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