It's hurting inside than a sizzling popping flickering tongues of a red flame
In lieu, I still smile around my supposed friends.
Yes! for they laugh upon knowing my pain.
what kills me becomes a mockery?
hmmm!!! But l call them friends
Little did I know that are devils in angelic garbs
For in my adversity they rejoice

Behind my back they stabbed me
In my face, they smile innocently
To whom shall I outpour my trust?
who do I call a friend while are fake
For there is none to be trusted.
They pray I fall as I strive to climb
Oh! what a wicked world!

Judge not my actions
Because the pain in me gives the reactions.
Outside I smile, but inside I bleed with no caution
They assemble in my absence,
to destroy my hustle to build a castle
Lying low my pain is the only option
for opening up to them is like updating them to take action

I'm surrounded by fake folks,
Who are ready to lick my blood stains
who am I to judge when everything is not original?
The pain in me is for me,
For friends now turn Enemies,
not ready to share in my grief
so I drink my cup of pain
For there is none to call a friend

My last resort is you, silent
For in you exist that soothing company Brother spun to devour me like a lion.
He rises against me like the tidal wave
Helplessly I watch him from a distance
For the pain in me is excruciating
and no one to pour out to help from the list of my friends
So my pain remains my only cross.