A duet By:Solomon Borklo (Phernnink) & DaCosta Kofi Aboagye (DaCosta de Poet)

1. Phernnink....
We long for genuine love that's not discarded
But our sights are dim and clouded
Without a heavy heart, we are weighed down
For nothing is comforting at dawn
Than the most genuine love from above
It seems we never belong where we thought we belong
But keep hoping for things that never comes

2. DaCosta de Poet...
The phase that lightens up our face
Though was a won race
But by His solemn grace
And in that field it's our turn to graze
Therefore let's be good followers or shepherds
Till we do fade away,
For nothing is permanent anyway

3. Phernnink...
Under the hot sun we sat
In thorn garment with ashes
With smiles on our faces
Even though squeezed and drained
We still hope for the best Although counting our worse
For things are not permanent anyway

4. DaCosta de Poet...
So handle everything with care
Treat friends or foes with a skin so fair
Be that chauffeur
That drives success to Trade Fair
Who charges no dubious fare
For life's cake will serve everyone their share
When it does, hope to find you seated at the table upstairs?

5. Phernnink....
For it's only your turn not yours
Even though we are stars we still live on earth
Pretty pointless to ponder over the Earth's worth
success is rented
and the rent is due everyday
For our love is everlasting but fragile
So treat us with care
For the future can't be told

6. DaCosta de Poet....
But wait, Why do you choose to make us suffer?
Even after gaining our love and trust?
Feel free, abuse them, enjoy the thrills
But don't forget karma is mayhem
Definitely the tables will turn
And you'll dance to the tunes of our chance
For everything under the sun is meant for us but not to keep.
It is not yours but's just your turn.