Piiiiiipoooooo!!!!! Piiiiiipoooooo!!!!
Ayifro!!!, Dondoooooo!!!
These are sounds of jubilation
Accompanied with sweet musical rhythms

The couples are welcome to the banquet
Surrounded by families and well wishers
Singing praises of the couples
Happiness in the air for there is more to eat and drink

The bride is dressed in a well designed gown
With the face painted in colours
Like that of a rainbow colour
Surrounded by her bridesmaids

Waooo!!! what a colourful occasion
Painted by money, which was borrowed
The heart of the groom keeps signing songs of lamentations
For he has a lot to repay

Sooner than later
Sadness takes over happiness
Hatred overthrows love
And division over unity

Flashy banquet, oh flashy banquet
See what you have course marriages
For you become the desire of every couple
Let's bite what we can chew