Silently and confused I sit, all by myself
Watching the powerful sky sits above the quiet village
In anticipation of you, my love
To curdle me like velvet.
For under the starry night, the lyrics of the love sound echo.
The sparkling stars remind me of the radiance emitted by your face

In the silence of the starry night,
You vowed never to let go;
But what I don't understand,
Is why death lays its icy hands on you.
So many promises we made and all of them shuttered.
I'm Lost and in a confused state of mind and feels like I'm choking.

We pray together for our hustle to pay
You left me in this cruelty with no caution
Like a bonfire wood that came from the floor of the woodland
Death has caused tears to fall from the eyes of the warrior
When the sky becomes a blank sheet
for the master man to pen on the thoughts, till the curtains close
l wait for it to fade and arise anew

I thought it was all a dream; watching your absence fade away.
I thought it wasn't real,
But this pain hurts deep and that's truly how I feel.
The memories keep coming,
and so do the unending tears.
I hear your voice, and as quick as the smile came,
Yet it disappears without a sound.
I don't know what is happening,
because you were there and always held my hand.

In the heart of the black starry night
Where the moon kisses the stars,
we use to whisper the sound of love together
Your presence illuminates my gloomy night like the glittering stars
I Shiva, for the night is cold without you
Oh!!! my love, come and take me for it's so unbearable

As I lay here in this bed of mine,
Perfectly made for more than one,
Just laying here thinking of you,
And turn side by side only to see nobody there.
Nobody is there but still, I stare,
And I gaze wishing I could see you
I wish you were laying just beside me,
But that's if Wishes were Horses.
My eyes are now teary as tears run down effortlessly in my eyes.
Sorrow numbs the wrist and the Quill is at rest.