Periods have faded and the hour has come
For me to make the eternal vow...
That I will be, and grow, and become
The man that ought to protect you from now.

I will love and protect you through sickness and health,
I will stand by your side through poverty and wealth.
Whatever it will be I promose to do what it takes
To note and admit and learn from my mistakes.

I will make it a privelage to trust you and obey;
Where you go I will go and where you stay I will stay...
I will give you everything that you wish,
And my attention will be your day and night dish.

I will be forever on your side,
Throughout trials I will be your guide...
And my lady, from beginning to end,
I promise to be your best friend.

I will be in your heart and you will be in my heart;
Till death... Till death do us part.