Miracles 2 Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


What more miracles are there to seeA
For I have seen a flower and a treeA
I've seen the land and saw the seaA
I've seen a whale and I've seen a fleaA
What other belief am I to maintainB
For I've seen a rock and a mountainC
That I cannot serve Jehovah my GodD
After seeing the different types of dogE
I've seen the cloud like whitened snowF
And the colors of the rainbowF
I've seen the day and its sunlightG
And the night and its moonlightG
I've heard the tweets of different birdsH
And the songs they sing without a wordI
I've seen a black lion beforeJ
And I've heard a white lion roarJ
I've heard of a large mountain batK
And under my bed lives Jimmy the ratK
Grandfather once adopted a rabbitL
And wonder who made its skills so legitM
What more miracles are there to seeA
For I have seen mountains green and blueN
And a shooting star passing throughN
And I've seen the adventures of your smile tooN

Bongiswa Gamedze
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/20/2020


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