Cowboys don't cry,
And angels don't sin.
Cowgirls are always humble,
In a television screen.
In Hollywood it is true;
Superheroes don't die.
And in Nashville it's true;
That lovers don't lie.

Up in the sky,
Halley's comet comes once.
And in India it is true
That everyone can dance.
When I turn on the TV,
Hamilton still comes first.
And in football it seems
Leo Messi is still the best.

Simon Cowell can agree
When I say talent never dies...
As legends go to sleep
New stars will always rise.
The sky is always blue,
And diamonds are always silver.
Still the biggest friend
Of the sea is the river.

Everything is still perfect
In the movies it seems,
Except that in real life
Everything is a dream.
And darling it's sad but true,
That the one thing I've learnt from you,
Is that the boy don't always get the girl;
Here in the real world.