Can you see the sunlight,
Can you touch the moonlight.
Can you smell the rainbow,
And fly away with its rays?

Can you whisper with the days,
Can you kiss the years.
Can you remove my fears
And make me happy be?

Learn and know my goals?
Touch and shake my soul?
Kiss and hug my life?
Can you be my wife?

Well I can move your shadow,
I can mend your fate.
I can change the rainbow,
And the colors of the sky.

I can live in fire
For forty days amd nights.
I can move the galaxies
And rewrite the stars.

I can kiss the river,
Eat and taste the soil.
I can do whatever,
Just to be with you.

I can feel the love tonight,
I can touch the stars...
I can hold the light,
I can move the planets,
I can feel your heartbeat;
That all I can do,
'Cause I feel the love tonight.

I can kiss your dreams,
I can feel the love...