Had he the heaven's shinning stars
Enwrought with silver plates of the great Milky way.
Had he the gigantic sun on his hands,
The force and the power of night and day.

Had he the golden leaf of Eden,
Hedges of Lavenders and a carpet of roses.
He wishes for the cloths of heaven...
Embroided with golden and silver light and the half light.

He wishes for the touch of an angel.
That would please a goddess with golden glory.
But oh the fair white angels they smile
As they look down on them tuning their love story.

Their love is old and sure, not new and frantic.
Sniky and Mnaky, their love story and mine.
A touch of Eros has made them fly romantic...
He has become another Valentine.

He wishes for a Psalmist so romantic
To write and sing of the wonders of heaven he sees.
The sun so small the moon gigantic...
His dearest love — Her darling Valentine.

Had I the deep words to describe
A feeling lovely and so sweet.
But I, have only my poetry...
And I have spread my words under your feet,
Tread lightly, you tread on my words.