I welcome you my son on earth
More especially in this continent of Africa
In a village of which her people are only warm to foreigners
Feel free my son, I am here for you

Son, let me introduce to you people you are likely to meet
Generally there are two groups of people
The manipulators and the manipulated
Forgive me son for I will tell you nothing but the truth
I am sorry to let you know that I am one of the manipulated
It was my wish to have many so that I can be called Mr Haves
For the haves, are the ones who are the manipulators
Unfortunately, manipulators manipulated me long time ago

Son, as you grow you will have to go to school
At the school you will meet the group of manipulated experts known as teachers
These are people who forcibly buy descent clothes using their indecent salary
And put on them as they teach sons and daughters of the manipulated under a mango tree
For they work in a country where everything is improvised
Son, best schools are there but you being a son of the manipulated you can’t reach there
Forgive me my son

Son, this land is led by leaders, sorry I mean manipulators
We are considered by them to be vital only during elections period
When we vote them into power, we are fooled
Their berries are more than full with our taxes
They claim that money works for them yet we the manipulated work for them
Son, these are people you can’t understand
What they pocket per day as an allowance, is equivalent to the salary of a nurse per month

I welcome you my son
Here young men are considered to be smart not because they are educated but circumcised
The youth are given free condoms not free education
They say youth are leaders of tomorrow and use them today as thugs
I welcome you son in our village

Son, don’t hate me for I am only bringing to your attention what you deserve to know
To travel, you shall use bumpy roads
On the roads, there is another group of the manipulated who manipulate their fellows
These are people whose professional is in bad relationship with proper housing
They are on the roads to enforce so called road regulations
You know son? There is no wrong to go against such regulations provided you have money
Passengers fasten seat belts as they approach traffic police not for their own safety
I welcome you son in our village

Son, in this village justice is only in books
It is not wrong to break laws but it is wrong to break laws when you are the manipulated
Handcuffs are loose for people with names and more than strong for the manipulated
When you raise your voice you end up being eliminated
Please keep my welcoming remarks for yourself
I welcome you son in our village

Son, in this village people claim to be God fearing
But are the same who make people with albinism live fearfully
They seem to be Kangaroos yet they are wolves
They demand something from you other than skills if you are to get employed
They measure the level of your faith in God according to how much you offer to pastors
I welcome you son in our village

Welcome son for our village has been anticipating your birth
The oppressed have been waiting for you to have their grievances heard
The unemployed wish you to end their painful status
The poor are hopeful as they wait for you to kill poverty virus
The manipulated think your coming is the end of corruption
I welcome you son in our village
Once again, welcome son