A day, was sitting on the chair
when my eyes were staring throught window.
Saw the bird was flying around
round and round the white rose.
It's petals were shining so bright
that eyes of bird were glowing.
All of a sudden, harsh winds came
got up from the chair, I feared.
How much she faced for the flower?
But the time had come to leave it.
She have to reach her nest to survive
Wouldn't want to go away.
When she raised up to fly,
was flapping her wings desperately.
What the character of flower was?
it sprinkled it's thorns in her way.
It's petals were looking burning flame.
The thorns were piercing through her wings.
tried so hard to flee up.
But at once, dropped to the ground
gazed the rose with watery eyes.
The rose was seeping the blood
retained from her blood, the colour "red".