At the verge of desperation and depression,
You'd learn the value of that you gave no attention,
You'd start to apprehend the significance of your surrounding,
And consequently begin to embrace the value of living,
This is when you'd start thinking of every little thing.

At the edge of falling,
Is when you'd appreciate the times of rising,
You'd know the importance of motivation,
And consequently comprehend the relevance of appreciation,
This is when you'd believe in devotion.

At your breaking point,
Is when you'd revisit your strongest moment,
You'd then feel the need of people's support,
And consequently begin self-assessment but it's late,
This is when you learn the connections to create.

At the times of lacking,
Is when you'd recall those of having,
You'd preach the credibility and essentially of sharing,
And consequently learn the beauty of giving and not taking,
This is when you'd know you're living.