When stars glow I'd pick one that'd shine
through the ugliest night with it's brilliance.
A light that makes even the darkest moment have a life
and the uncommon to seem part of me.
You opened up my eyes and now I can see,
I can look into the future and find purpose
I look into the mirror and see contented soul.

I bless the hands that crafted you
How meticulous and intentional!
Intrinsic qualities;sharp mind and attractive soul
You'd undoubtedly make any man whole.
A purposeful personality and classic character,
all sync with your enticing mind and marvelous body
Words alone can't come close to telling your worth
It'd take a lifetime to get used to you, trust me I did the math.

When I see your beautiful eyes I see promises--
of a better life and a greater love.
Every moment is a print of cherished memories.
I'd hold you close and in your favorite song I'll groove.
My hand'd hold you down for eternity,
And I say this with the deepest sincerity,
You're the Heart that makes mine beat.

A life-full smile to nourish all my days,
You remind me how promising tomorrow is.
A genuine feeling of love and warmth makes you,
You breath meaning to every uncertainty.
and you'd make any man's dream come true.
You're the bottom line of joy and happiness,
Having you is my most awaited success.