In The Sonnets Of My Biographical Wall Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


On the Taita Hills from my mom s womb I comeA
It s freezing every morning is ice coldB
In a small rock made house and a farm to call homeC
Where brothers and a sister s arms will holdB
My dad a humble mason and a farmerD
Makes houses by all means to stabilize hisE
The most diligent woman I know my motherD
A Kampala born mistress with the most gorgeous eyesF
Feeling the warmth of family love in my dark flawless skinG
We shift to a lower area in Mwatate sub countyH
I d still see my sister feeling aloneI
I wish she d known that someday she'd feel happyH
Starting my basic education I d grasp a pencilJ
And sketch the outlands of this small Singila villageK
It s and my big sister would now smileL
As our little beautiful baby sister closes the pageM
An impeccable family I d always vouch forN
With all the flaws ups and downs gone throughO
We d overcome as Together always remained the mottoP
And another stepping stone to always growP
In in DEB school did my first primary school levelJ
Later in I join Kipusi primary where I do my KCPEH
And my marks would be enough for a ticket to Kenyatta High SchoolQ
Where after intolerable years in I do my KCSEF
the most unbearable year to rememberD
Circumstantially together it brings the family and friendsF
RIP my father I d feel the grief in every tearR
In our hearts we ll carry you alwaysF
In I join Meru University for my first degreeH
I have heavens to avow for this farS
Such a rare course for my pedigreeH
I d still smile in a gown much as I had to deferD
Another years of strong winds and upset stormsF
And the final year the most anticipatedT
Covid invades the world to distort all plansF
But hope whispers what s delayed is not deniedU

Ally Fred
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/30/2020


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