In The Sonnets Of My Biographical Wall

On the Taita Hills, from my mom’s womb I come,
It’s freezing, every morning is ice cold.
In a small rock-made house and a farm to call home,
Where 4 brothers’ and a sister’s arms will hold.

My dad, a humble mason and a farmer,
Makes houses, by all means to stabilize his.
The most diligent woman I know, my mother,
A Kampala-born mistress with the most gorgeous eyes.

Feeling the warmth of family love in my dark flawless skin,
We shift to a lower area in Mwatate sub-county.
I’d still see my sister feeling alone,
I wish she’d known that someday she'd feel happy.

Starting my basic education, I’d grasp a pencil,
And sketch the outlands of this small Singila village.
It’s 2002 and my big sister would now smile,
As our little beautiful baby sister closes the page.

An impeccable family I’d always vouch for,
With all the flaws, ups and downs gone through,
We’d overcome as “Together always” remained the motto,
And another stepping stone to always grow.

In 2009 in DEB school, did my first primary school level,
Later in 2010 I join Kipusi primary where I do my KCPE,
And my marks would be enough for a ticket to Kenyatta High School,
Where after 4 intolerable years, in 2014 I do my KCSE.

2014, the most unbearable year to remember,
Circumstantially, together it brings the family and friends.
RIP my father, I’d feel the grief in every tear,
In our hearts we’ll carry you always.

In 2015 I join Meru University for my first degree,
I have heavens to avow for this far.
Such a rare course for my pedigree,
I’d still smile in a gown much as I had to defer.

Another 4 years of strong winds and upset storms,
And the final year 2020 the most anticipated.
Covid-19 invades the world to distort all plans,
But hope whispers, what’s delayed is not denied.

Ally Fred
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