Wondering why good things never seem to last?
Hard to adjust that to the past
But I have to make it a must
So I can repair them after a burst
The heart I offered was meant to break
Living it in aisle of ache
Realizing the love it gave was fake
Now try finding ways to re-make
The fear has already taken hold
The need to stand out bold
With a weary heart crying for cold
I hate to know I was told

I lay in my bed thinking about you.
Thinking about your warm soothing voice.
Thinking about those kisses you never missed to deliver.
Thinking about the spark in your eyes that bring shiver through my veins
Thinking about the memories we shared together.
The love, joy, smile and the long conversation with lots of laughter.

The more I keep you in memory, the more my heart sinks
What do I do without you?
I ain’t doing anything better without your love.
My heart is bleeding with too much pain.
The dreams of you preaches the future I have with you.

My heart! My heart!
The heart that used to be cherished,
Is no where in it’s beautiful shape.
My heart! My heart!
Is broken and tattered
So fragile as I thought.