The Light At The End Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A highway trafficA
Everybody goes and comesB
I wish I had thisC
But everyone wishes the sameD
So who deserves to haveE
Bodies bump into each otherF
So close yet different worlds apartG
A broad field of battleH
And yet the war is not to be seenI
This is no ordinary warJ
Where warriors themselves are their own foesK
And they are as strong as they think themL
And they breathe when their foes doM
They fly when their foes sleepN
They sink when their foes dreamO
And die when their foes liveP
Then this should be like any warJ
Except there are no sidesQ
Just needy peopleH
With filled barren mindsR
And they brace themselvesS
For an impactT
Sustained till the dusk of lifeU
One no one can be ready forJ
For the way of life is not a highwayV
If it is in itself a pathW
Then a subwayV
Where the lights are dimX
And we walk with wonderF
Lonesome and seekingY
For the light at the endZ

Adams Dauda
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 01/06/2022

Poet's note: The frivolity and vanity of life, we are all searching for something that might not be worthwhile all the same without any control of the outcome but hope to always find what we think will make us whole.


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