Oceans Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


There is a peaceful calmA
A longing tranquilB
The seagulls' endearing criesC
The waves fold and unfoldD
Like leaves that leave the hazy summerE
Enter the enchanting autumnF
Escape the freezing winterE
And blossom in the lush springG
Here there is no disputeH
There is no egoI
Only oceansJ
Tides that swiftly and gracefully riseC
And mightily almost angrily fallK
A faint light bounces off its faceL
Into that of the incomerE
A stare downM
The ocean's blue eyesC
And that of the troubledN
But they have found coherenceO
Here in this fusionP
Of man and natureE
There is oblivionP
There is nothingnessQ
The mind is unwoundR
And a veil is castS
Cover all the troubles of the dayT
And in the moment every yoke is goneU
There is a tempting weightlessnessQ
Time has no placeL
The stillness is bemusing even alluringG
Almost betraying the sensesV
Like NirvanaW
Except it is transientX
For the mind stirs and ragesV
It is an ocean insideY
One we will infinitely rowE
Where we can neither drown nor swimZ

Adams Dauda
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 01/06/2022


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