Most would have you to truly believe,
That I hated gOD, both you and them...Naive.
I don't have pure hatred towards him,
However I do have disdain, so I must parody his hymn.
No longer shall we conceive on our ancestral genealogy,
Instead we accept our knowledge as part of human biology.
For if it be up to gOD, he'd have us dumb as dirt,
He'd deny us learning so our minds wouldn't work.
Slaves to the glade, and forbidden from both trees,
His path is the way that has us living in fear on our knees.
Denied by the fruit that bears the intellectual mind,
The salutations from the snake released us from our repressive bind.
Therein we became wise in our restraints,
Realized that christianity is a religion that truly taints.
No longer are we suppressed,
We began to ingest and invest in a system that is earthly blessed.
Blessed by the education of all we'll ever learn,
Christian's taught us nothinh with a holy hand would have us burn.
The one lunged Polymath isn't so evil and full of wrong,
He is the reason we can know lyrics to any song.
Cause the Polymath was the temptation that swallowed his beloved eve.
Enlightened our conscious, expanded our evolution from the brain dead dry heave.
Should you have any questions or need to be a christian,
Then you will find that is was not the crucifixion.
That saved our worthless lives from stupidity and the caveman mentality,
Instead it gave us perception, forethought and individuality.
Henceforth we rose above and became homosapien,
Thus the ability to love or hate within.
gOD gave us free will and got pissed when we ate the gift of the knowledge fruit,
If it was to be gOD's way we would be as limited as the vocabulary of Groot.
That's one way of looking at it from the supposed beginning,
And now I'm going to take it straight to the ninth inning.
With these christian's torment on the human experience and confession,
Torture, smite and kill any and all suspected pagan recession.
Rape and rape and rape and rape the innocent ones,
Some are daughters but mostly our sons.
Thus is the 3 reasons I'm mad at gOD,
How can holy men abuse and be justified as sparing the rod.
I would not be the first to question this curse,
We've been misled by man not gOD's scriptures in verse.
The Bible has been manipulated by mankind,
If you simply look at christian history you will find.
That they've perversely hidden in holy disguise,
Denying us the truth while feeding us lies.