Then again, was a realm in tandem with another realm.
There's no way to judge the distance as each one has a value of its own.
Surrendering to the infinite vortex 'cause there's no captain at the helm.
So much here is almost as if it were specifically grown. And in each and every dimension the crossovers they overwhelm.
I suggest that you expand your span.
Because of what happens is you start to see when this all began.
So there are legions upon legions that ride with me, under my wings and on the
I guess you should have stayed there to see your other you, it is the one that is obscured.
Yet if you pay attention you'll see there is in unending of you.
Every time you see him, he is not aware of you, just let him walk by.
If he notices the altered perception I*ll know he expanded his mind.
That we are 72 immortal entities within 72 separate realms.
And they are better versions, And each is just a little like me.
The difference is I opened my third eye.
It took a little piece of each of these 72 altered versions. Then I consumed each of them for their pineal gland, which caused my eye third to awaken.
Enlighten your senses in each and every one of these dimensions.
Seems to me that I entered the oath, and had exceptional abilities.
At first it`s retained and so much more to gain.
I hold restraint and collect my vaulted memories.
Of course I can`t keep all this properly aligned, its just a smudge decombulated.
Then I have to recollect my teaching and be more refined when I find my 3rd eye, text books, and refresh my knowledge.
You`ll see soon that I do and always had the lessons, I may seem to be underestimated.
Just because I left it to be discombobulated.
Don`t even fret, I got this.
I can`t tell you specifics of the top of my brain. BUT I CAN do all of the spells, incantations, summoning, invoking, provoking, as well as all the rest.
All I need is someone who will challenge.
That`s when you`ll realize I too can anything you can do, read a book, formulate and alchemy with a specified direction of the plain.
You got your`s in books which a great deal of them I read.some, not all.
My source for magic of course is easily delivered with a simple stroke of a key.
Then blam! Wiki`s, documentaries, pdf`s and all other technology, it's all there for all to receive.
That`s the moment when you attain this access to an upper realm.
Follow each direction specifically and make sure to use the herbs and elements, cause in this world people has only two choices have a voice for the voiceless, or regression with obsession.
I know which of these ones I`ll invest in.
Its dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the ALMIGHTY internet.
All the magical things are accessible.
All you this have to do is be quiet about the teachings and what actions and words that have put in its designated space.
Lucky for me, I decide who is or isn`t sublime.
I`m known also has Ruinized9sdivine.